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Words Counter

Word Counter (Tool to count word) is a online tool that lets you get the number of words in a text. It is a free tool for online writers or anyone who wants to count words before submitting/publishing documents or posts.

How to use Word Counter?

This word counter tool is very simple to use.

You can either write the words directly in the text area and see the live stats of the words count below.

Or you can also paste the text from your clipboard and see the words count.

Note: There is a limit of 5000 words that can be counted at a time.

Features of Word Counter

Word Counter not only shows the word count of the text but also shows the following stats:

  • Number of characters
  • Number of sentences
  • Number of paragraphs
  • Estimated reading, speaking, writing time (coming soon)
  • Keyword density (coming soon)
  • Reading level (coming soon)

Benefits of using Word Counter

Using word counter have many benefits. Some of the text document have word limit or word requirements. Not following those requirements can have negative impact on the document.

For example:

If you are publishing a in-depth article on your website, you might want to have minimum of 2500-3500 words to rank better in search engine. Using word counter tool can help you to reach that word count.

Errors and Suggestions

If you find any errors or have any suggestions, feel free to contact me through my contact page.