Color Code Converter

Color Converter

This simple color converter tool allow you to convert RGB color code to Hexadecimal color code and reverse.

How to use the Color Converter?

The rgb to hex / hex to rgb color converter above is simple tool to use.

  1. Select either you want to convert from RGB to Hex or Hex to RGB.
  2. Enter the color code in the input field.
  3. Click on the Convert button to get the converted color code.

RGB Value

Every color is a combination of Red, Green and Blue. This RGB color system is a system of creating different colors with the combination of the Red, Green and Blue Colors. The color value from 0 to 255 where 0 is the least intensity and 255 being the highest intensity.

The color format for RGB is rgb(red, green, blue) where red, green and blue are the color values.

Adding highest intensity of all the colors (Red, Green and Blue) will give you white color, and adding least intensity of all the colors will give you black color.

For example,

rgb(0,0,0) will give you black color

rgb(255,255,255) will give you white color

rgb(255,0,0) will give you red color

rgb(0,255,0) will give you green color

rgb(0,0,255) will give you blue color

Hexadecimal Value

Hexadecimal color code is a 6-digit code that represents the combination of those 3 colors (Red, Green and Blue). The first two digits represents the Red color, followed by green and blue. Each color is represented by a 2-digit hexadecimal number.

The hexadecimal color format is #rrggbb. Notice the # symbol before the color code.

# symbol is used to represent the hexadecimal color code.